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Being a woman is tough. Imagine being a woman, just a child, during a period that saw their rights stolen and voices silenced. That is what happened to millions of women during the late 70s and early 80s in Iran. After decades of revolution, the nation was now at a crossroads. This is where our story takes place.

The Complete Persepolis is a French autobiographical comic series highlighting the life and experiences of Marjane Satrapi as a child living in Iran during the great white revolution of Iran. It gives me the perfect reason to pass through the black and white pages of the complete Persepolis pdf only to see the lives of people unravel as years pass right after the revolution. It tells the story of a young girl living through a revolution. A nation torn apart by opposing cultures.

About The Complete Persepolis pdf

Complete Persepolis has a compelling premise and interesting characters. The black and white illustrations have that unique style that lets the readers seep into the minds of the characters only to see the sea of sorrow buried within. Additionally, the perspective of a young girl at the doorstep of her teen years becomes the perfect foil to tell the story. Conflict takes away the innocence of a child. It is not an easy read. Simply put, Marjane Satrapi is honest and forthcoming in explaining her experiences as a child during one of the most turbulent periods for a nation in recent years and I absolutely loved it.

The Complete Persepolis pdf details

L’Association published the Persepolis as a four-part series from 2000 to 2003 with one volume coming out each year. Pantheon Books later published the book in English, and since then, it has been the recipient of praises and acclaim. Further, It has won the Angoulême Coup de Coeur in 2001 and made an appearance in Time’s “Best Comics of 2003”.

They later compiled the volumes into The Complete Persepolis. We don’t provide the complete Persepolis pdf file.

The Complete Persepolis book Pdf
The Complete Persepolis book Pdf

The Movie

Sony adopted the Complete Persepolis as a major motion picture in 2007 with Marjane Satrapi herself as the director. It was nominated for an academy award for the best-animated feature film at the 80th Oscars and later went on to become a recipient of the Jury Prize at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

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Another Banned Title

Several parents in the USA attempted to ban the book from its public schools. They said it contained, “graphic language and images that are not appropriate for general use.”, after several years of its initial publication, in 2013. However, It will not be the first time in the US that a book is banned for its seemingly inappropriate content. In the past, the US has banned “The catcher in the rye” by J. D. Salinger, “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee and even The Harry Potter series of J K Rowling from schools. At present, The US government deems that the Persepolis is only appropriate for the students beyond the 10th grade.

People hated the book for its Islamic content. The world calls it Islamophobia. One parent in central Illinois’ Ball-Chatham School District went so far and said, “why a book about Muslims was assigned on September 11?”

However, one cannot deny how hilarious the situation is. In the end, the book supports the accusation of mistreatment of women in Iran. The already accepted view of the Islamic world among westerners and Americans and pretty much everywhere else in the world. If anything, they should be celebrating the book for its daring and brave approach. This goes again to prove that quite possibly most of the oppositions come from people who haven’t even read the damn thing. They probably only see the name on the covers and go mad about it.

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The Context

The 1980s were a turbulent period in Iran to say the least. The past decade has just seen Iran crumbling under the white revolution. The end of the decade saw the fall of the Pahlavi dynasty that ruled over Iran for 26 years. The Iranians were dissatisfied with the US backed absolute monarch, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. In the end, he fled the country at the end of 1979 and became the last dynastical ruler in Persia.

Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the Islamist movement rose to power. Iran declared itself an Islamic Theocracy by a national referendum which saw Khomeini becoming the supreme leader of the nation. The newly appointed supreme leader brought about changes to the reign as promised, bringing sharia law to the country.

The Conclusion

It is still heavily debated whether what followed the revolution was a prosperous period for Iran culturally, socially, or economically. But one thing that we can all agree on is that it was not a great time for the women. Nevertheless, the result was the western media picturing the whole of Persia as a backwards hellhole. They called it “the Islamic belt” The facts are true. Altogether, it was interesting to see how the western media had pushed their agenda. They were able to generate widespread hatred towards Muslims all over the world. 9/11 cemented it. Hence the significance of someone coming forward to tell the story as someone living through the time period is pretty huge. Marjane Satrapi through this phenomenal piece of art is successful in capturing the essence of being someone during the most turbulent times of Iran. Lightning in a bottle.

We hope the pdf that we provide would help you discover this wonderful work of art. We wish you a good read.

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