Black Book of English Vocabulary pdf

English is a language spoken universally. Everybody wants to learn the language well to be able to speak and write fluently. In this article, we are sharing the Black Book of English Vocabulary pdf.  Once individuals learn the language, they also want to learn words that they can replace to improve their English language. Vocabulary is an essential part of any language. One should always keep learning more and more vocabulary to improve their language spoken as well as written skills.

Having a good vocabulary to ace through the English section of a competitive examination is very much needed. With the Black Book of English Vocabulary pdf, one can learn more and more words rich in meaning. The Black Book pdf has made it simpler for laymen to learn the vocabulary in the English language and in a manner one can also grasp the word. While learning the word, one can also understand and learn how to use the word in their language skills. This book pdf download link given at the end of the post.

The book is constructed in a manner that helps one cracks various kinds of competitive examinations like SSC CGL, CHSL, Constable, CPO, and many more. Black book pdf is a great source of self-educating oneself because the author has explained everything in a very well-organized manner.

Black Book of English Vocabulary free pdf download
Black Book of English Vocabulary free pdf download

Benefits of Black Book of English Vocabulary pdf

The book is full of rich vocabulary content. It contains essential words and phrases that are used in competitive exams. It is constructed in a way that matches the needs of the syllabus of these examinations. The book contains more than three thousand five hundred (3500) word substitutions asked in previous years’ exams.

About five hundred (500) most used words in SSC are present in the book. It also contains more than a thousand (1000) words from The Hindu vocabulary. More than a thousand (1000) root words as well as special word lists of Phobia/Latin etc. One of the most highlighting features of the book is that in total, it has more than six thousand five hundred (6500) words present with meanings and English as well as Hindi explanations.

Not only above mentioned words, but the book also has synonyms and antonyms in large numbers to learn from. The book not only allows you to learn and grasp knowledge but also test that knowledge. It has more than fifty (50) plus exam sets for practice to prepare one for the actual examinations and test their learning by themselves.

Black Book of English Vocabulary pdf-free Download
Black Book of English Vocabulary pdf-free Download

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Details of Black Book of English Vocabulary pdf

Basic Details

  • Name – Black Book of English Vocabulary pdf
  • Author – Nikhil Gupta
  • of Pages – 469
  • Format – Pdf
  • Quality – Good
  • Language – English, and Hindi
  • Publication – Qmaths
  • Edition – 2019 Updated


Part A: SSC Previous Year One Word Substitutions

  • Top 500 most repeated one-word substitutions in SSC Exams
  • 3000+ previous year one-word substitutions asked in SSC Exams.

Part B: The Hindu Vocabulary

  • Top 1000 Vocabulary from The Hindu Newspapers with synonyms & Hindi meaning.

Part C: Special Words

  • List of Logy
  • List of Graphy
  • Form of Government
  • Form of Worship
  • Name of Scientific Instruments
  • Literary Words
  • Foreign Words and phrases

Part D: Practice M.C.Q. (50 Sets)

Black Book of English Vocabulary Download Link

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Black Book of English Vocabulary pdf has been created in such a manner that it helps its readers to pass through difficult examinations. The book has more than six thousand five hundred (6500) words explained in English and Hindi language. It also has various set of practice paper sets to test one’s knowledge.

Each and every candidate wishing to apply for government jobs or various competitive papers must go through the book. It helps one learn great vocabulary in a simplified manner. The book is equipped with advanced English vocabulary and also has various lists, some of which are List of Phobia,  Mania, etc.

The book is divided into five parts, all of which cover all the important aspects of learning vocabulary. There are about ten thousand advanced vocabulary words available in the book coming all the sections. With a various set of practice papers, it adds to the advantage of learning as well as testing; everything is present in one book itself.

The Black Book of English Vocabulary is easily available, and one access it freely. We have also attached the link to the book below to make it easier for you to access the best content available for English vocabulary.

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