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Kautilya Arthashastra Pdf Free Download – Original

The Kautilya Arthashastra pdf is an Indian treatise on military strategies, economics, the function of the state, politics, and the social organization which attributes to the Prime Minister and philosopher Kautilya who is also known as Chanakya.

This book gives the guidelines to governing a large kingdom through practical and logical reasoning which was quite contrary to the dependence on divinity by the religiously driven ruling patterns which was promoted till then. Arthashastra is a true treasure from the history of India as it bears testament to one of the greatest pieces of work produced in the Indian context of monarchy and its modes of ruling as per Hindu philosophy

India is a country with one of the world’s oldest histories and there have been many majors, groundbreaking discoveries both scientific and literary that have pushed India onto a pedestal of being one of the world’s greatest civilizations.

About the Kautilya Arthashastra Book pdf

The word Arthashastra is derived from the Sanskrit words Artha which means goal or aim and Shastra which means book or treatise. The Kautilya Arthashastra pdf was created with the goal to provide a comprehensive understanding of statecraft which will serve as a guide to a monarch for the efficient ruling.

The book’s title has been translated into The Science of Material Gain, The Science of Politics, and The Science of Political Economy because according to Hinduism Artha is considered to be one of the fundamental values to gaining wealth and social status. Kautilya’s Arthashastra follows the practicality of the philosophical school of Charvaka which favored a completely materialistic view of human existence and the universe while rejecting supernatural elements of faith.

The book portrays the views of Charvaka which speaks of how only the direct perception of any given phenomenon is capable of establishing truth. The book encourages a practical approach towards life that includes reason-based and logical actions in response to different situations. Although this book was composed some 1500 years ago, it is still learned for its rational presentation of statecraft and its effectiveness in statin that the State is an organic entity that must be served only by a good and strong leader whose primary focus must be the good of the people he rules over.

Kautilya Arthashastra Pdf

Historical Background of Arthashastra

During the 4th century BCE, the political landscape of India comprised a large number of kingdoms and politics with each one of them fighting with each other to gain greater control of resources.

One of the most powerful kingdoms in this race for possession was the kingdom of Magadha. This kingdom gained great power and had already established its supremacy in the East under the rule of King Bimbisara. After the arrival of Alexander the Great, the kingdom and its successors changed with Chandragupta successfully taking over the throne.

One could say that Arthashastra guided Chandragupta to take control of the kingdom and Chanakaya guided and tutored him is the art of ruling a kingdom. Chanakya was one of the chief advisors to the king and had deemed Chandragupta to be a worthy candidate to the throne because of his unhesitating manner and readiness to do what must be done.

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Contents of Kautilya Arthashastra

Since the main focus of the political part of Kautilya Arthashastra is the meaning of true kingship and how a king should carry himself. A true king is one who knows how to suppress his own desires and wishes and adhere to the good of his people. It doesn’t mean that the king should be subservient to his subjects nor be ready to force his laws on them but be ready to do anything for the collective good of his people. Another part of ruling that the book elaborates on is Warfare Politics. Another important matter which is discussed is economy and society. It truly is a complete guide to understanding a kingdom and how to manage it.

  • Concerning of discipline
  • The duties of government superintendents
  • Concerning law
  • The removal of thorns
  • The conduct of courtiers
  • The source of sovereigns states
  • The end of the six-fold policy
  • Concerning vices and calamities
  • The work of an invader
  • Relating to war
  • The conduct of corporations
  • Concerning a powerful enemy
  • Strategic means to capture a fortress
  • Secret means
  • The plan of a treatise

About the Author

Kautilya was known mostly as Chanakya, an Indian teacher, philosopher, jurist, economist, and royal advisor. He is also known as Vishnugupta and is considered to be the author of the great political treatise of Arthashastra which led to the coronation of Chandragupta. He is given credit for playing an important role in the establishment of the Maurya Empire.

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The Kautilya Arthashastra pdf is considered to be the stepping stone for Chandragupta’s success which later on lead to the ascension to one of the greatest kings in the history of India, Ashoka the Great. This wonderful work was lost for the most part of history and only found in lost pieces until it was discovered by Shamasastry. The work has gained worldwide prominence and is considered a guide for those who wish to learn the principles of the functions of a state and the role of a leader.

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