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Supply chain management courses in Canada

Students are getting more excited about getting admission to Supply chain management courses in Canada due to the increase in the number of openings in the Supply chain management sector in the next 5 years.

As you are here on this page I’m sure you already know what the Supply chain management course is but I will like to write down what it means for those who have no idea about this course.

Supply chain management courses
Supply chain management courses

Supply chain management means the transformation of raw materials into a final product and the flow of these goods and services.

Supply chain management courses help the students to understand the difficulties as well as the complexities that the companies have to face in today’s global economy. It also helps the students to know the importance of both qualitative and quantitative knowledge in making supply chain management decisions.

Reasons you are interested in this course:

  • You are planning to start a career in supply chain management.
  • You are presently working in supply chain management but finding it difficult to understand the structure.
  • You are interested in knowing how an economy works globally.

Supply chain management consists of four main courses:

  • Logistics
  • Operations
  • Planning
  • Sourcing

Universities offering Supply chain management courses in Canada are:

  • Concordia University: Concordia University is a public university in Montreal, Canada. Concordia University is ranked 477 in global world rankings and 51 in world university rankings. There are a total of 34,846 national students on the campus. There is a total of 11,341 international students on the campus. There is a total of 1,381 faculty staff from which 409 international staff and 972 domestic kinds of stuff. Concordia University is one of the top universities to offer a supply chain management course through the GMAT exam. John Molson School of Business under Concordia University offers supply chain management courses both in full-time mode and part-time mode. Students pursuing the course in full-time mode complete the course two years while the students in the part-time mode complete the course in four years. Supply chain management courses help students to get into business and engineering areas as well as help them learn the goods from their origin to the final finished product ready to consume.
  • Alberta School of Business: The Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta is one of the leading universities that offer Business Education and Research. The Supply chain management course in Alberta School of Business allows a student to complete the same core business course which all MBA courses provide. This University also provides a switchboard called “UAlberta Switchboard” which a free online tool that helps you to connects to the UAlberta community and helps you to share what you have to share and ask for what you need.
  • University of Windsor: Odette School of Business of the University of Windsor offers Supply chain management courses. The faculties of Odette School of Business help a student to benefit the most from world-class education and help you conquer your career as a business professional and a leader. The graduates from this institute get careers both in private as well as the government.
  • Rotman School of Management: Rotman School of Management of the University of Toronto offers this course mostly for the students who are interested in general management or want to establish their careers in the marketing sector. Through the course of supply chain management, the students are taught about accounting and finance and how they can build their career in those sectors. It also teaches the students to create supply chain design and decisions on how to improve supply chain capabilities to improve the performance of the supply chain with the proper flow of materials and network of information.
  • HEC University: HEC Montreal school of management is the first management school established in Canada and ranked at the top by the Canadian business especially for its MBA program. It also provides graduate and postgraduate courses.

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There are many universities in Canada providing Supply chain management courses. Some are:

  • York Schulich School of Business
  • Manitoba University
  • DeGroote School of Business
  • University Laval

There are so many benefits of involving yourself in this program. The government of Canada has also announced the benefits of studying this course and has also rated it a 2 out of 3 in the employment providing sector. Let me help you with some benefits of the supply chain management program:

  • Due to the growing number of companies and industries globally, the need for people who understands the functioning of a company, and have the skills to help the company grow, the value of the people having proper knowledge of supply chain management has increased a lot.
  • While working in the sector of supply chain management, one can earn a lot of opportunities to travel to various locations as one will have to meet international clients more often to expand their business. So, it is a very good field for the ones who love to travel and have a look at the outside world even while working.
  • Job opportunities provided through the supply chain management programs can rarely be boring. The works to complete are not the same as it is mostly seen in other jobs or works. There will be new problems to solve and new people to meet and different projects every time to complete. All of this makes this sector very interesting.

There are several certificates one can achieve such as:

  • Certified in production and inventory management: This certificate identifies the certificate holder with a great knowledge of supply chain management concepts. The subject matter covered through this certificate is demand and supply planning, materials as well as capacity requirement planning and master scheduling.
  • Certificate professional in supply management: This certificate is only valid for 3 years. After the completion of 3 years, the certificate holder has to do recertification along with certain conditions.
  • Certified supply chain professional: a candidate requires fulfilling some conditions to be eligible for this certificate. This certificate signifies an individual’s skills and knowledge on management at a professional level. There are several ways for the Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate. A candidate has to complete two projects to be certified for the certificate. There are several certifying organizations, one of them which is ASQ, which offers all the Six credentials for those candidates who show interest in quality control principles.

I would suggest students to take interest in this sector as this is one of the most astonishing sectors in today’s world as every economy has started to grow globally.

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