Biggest Smallest Highest and Largest Things in India PDF Download

Hi Students, I hope you are doing well in this article, we are sharing a pdf of the biggest smallest highest and largest things in India. GK is very important for any competitive exam. Aspirants should possess a basic knowledge about India like the Biggest Smallest and Largest Things in India, ministers, and departments etc.

A complete list of biggest largest highest and smallest things in India are given below. Read thoroughly and be prepared for important competitive exams. After reading this article you can take a quick test to check your knowledge and keep practicing till you score a hundred per cent!! Constant Practice will help you achieve greater heights and success.

List of Biggest Smallest Highest and Largest Things in India

1. Largest state (in terms of area) – Rajasthan

2. The longest river in India – Ganges

3. Largest lake – Wular lake, Kashmir

4. Largest man-made lake – Govind Vallabh Pant Sagar

5. Highest Peak – Karakoram-2 / K-2 (8611 mtr.)

6. Highest rainfall – Mausinram near Cherrapunji

7. Highest Waterfall – Gersoppar Waterfall (292 meters high) in Mysuru (Mysore)

8. Longest Road – Grand Trunk Road

9. Highest Road – Road at Khardungla

10. Biggest Mosque – Jama Masjid

11. Longest Canal – Indira Gandhi Canal

12. Largest Zoo – Zoological Garden, Kolkata

13. Largest Museum – Indian Museum at Kolkata

14. Highest Tower – Qutub Minar, Delhi, 88.4m

15. Largest Public Sector Bank – State Bank of India

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