Lexicon For Ethics Integrity and aptitude Pdf

The competitive UPSC exams cover many topics. Ethics carries 250 marks and hence it is important in the exam. Lexicon Ethics pdf is the best pdf available for the preparation of this test. The book includes case studies to help a student understand the problems and challenges in the real world.

About the Lexicon Ethics PDF

Niraj Kumar is the author of this book. He has written other books related to management and other studies. Lexicon for Ethics has been his most popular book. This has been read and recommended by many toppers of the civil service exams.

Ethics was introduced as part of the syllabus in 2013 for UPSC exams. It includes lessons on the significance of ethics as a value in the work environment. The right conduct and attitudes can help in the smooth functioning of an organization. Hence, one should understand the meaning of ethics.

The full name of the book is Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude. The seventh revised edition of this book was released this year in 2021. This edition contains 50 case studies, solved papers, and model questions and answers to help an aspirant prepare for the exam.

Benefits of reading Lexicon for Ethics pdf

Today’s work environment has more complex challenges than before. It is necessary to maintain good standards of professionalism to help sustain a company. Ethics can help draw the line for people to understand fair practices in organizations.

Large organizations have their own code of conduct to avoid causing harm to the reputation of the company and protect the employees or employers from corrupt practices. But, there are times when these guidelines are violated due to bad motives held by certain individuals.

Smaller organizations may not necessarily have a written code of conduct. It’s functioning largely depends on the integrity of the individual running it. Reading the Lexicon Ethics can help train the mind to practice the values presented in the book.

Hence, one needs to learn about ethics. These lessons will work in the subconscious mind as a reminder to observe fair practices at work. This will sensitize an individual about work problems. And prepare that person to cope with such dilemmas.

Convenience of Lexicon Ethics PDF

Today’s digital age has made reading easy. One does not need to buy books and be concerned about carrying them around. Books are converted into PDF files that can be downloaded. These files can be saved and used when needed effectively.

It is convenient to have the Lexicon Ethics PDF in one’s phone, laptop or computer. This makes it easier to access the book and read the notes. The hardcopy book is heavy with over 500 pages. Besides, all aspirants cannot afford to spend on books for each UPSC exam test paper.

The Lexicon book for Ethics PDF is available on different sites. Thus, students need not buy the book. They can download the PDF and access the content. This book is helpful for anyone who wishes to learn more about ethics in the workplace.

Most sites provide an external link that contains the Lexicon Ethics PDF. These sites are created as resources to help students in their UPSC exams. So, irrespective of the site one uses, the PDF will be the same. The most extensively available Lexicon PDF is the book’s second edition.

Ethics and integrity can best be learnt by practice. The Ethics Lexicon pdf can only work as a reference to help an individual to prepare for the exam. But if practised sincerely, these lessons can enhance the functioning of government bodies in the country. This in turn will help build the nation.

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Lexicon Book PDF Free Download

The Lexicon Ethics book PDF Download file has made the notes accessible to many students. The 2015 edition of the book which has 333 pages has a file size of 23 MB. This is the second edition of the 2013 edition of the book. That is the time when this subject was introduced under General Studies IV.

The book is also available in English and Hindi. This is done to cater to students fluent in Hindi especially in the Northern states of India.

To ensure that opportunities are equal for all, it is necessary to provide free resources. The availability of Lexicon Ethics PDF Free download caters to those students who are aspiring for civil services with limited financial support. Most sites that have a PDF download option are free of cost.

It may not be easy to find Lexicon ethics latest edition PDF. But, the latest edition of the book is available online. One can buy them from Amazon, Chronicle India, and Flipkart. Check for the latest edition of the book to receive the best search results.


The Ethics by Lexicon PDF has become an important study material for lakhs of students appearing for civil service exams. Some of the aspirants have become IAS officers as well. There are people who prefer these jobs as it provides long-term benefits with a good pension after retirement.

Handwritten notes help elaborate concepts and make studying easy. That is why some Lexicon ethics handwritten notes PDF have been made available online.

Lexicon Ethics PDF Download Link

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Today, more and more people are conscious of their rights related to the work environment. Very few people stick to an organization if dissatisfied with the work ethics or payment. Learnings about Ethics can help employers build a conducive environment for their employees.

The Lexicon for Ethics book is an important study material for UPSC exams. Good ethics can help good governance. This book is not only meant for people in civil services but is necessary for those in private firms as well. Thus, it is beneficial for all professionals to download the PDF of the book for personal reference.

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